In the early eighteenth century a number of the great
pirate captains, including Edward "
Teach and "Black Sam"
Bellamy, joined forces. This
infamous "
Flying Gang" was more than simply a
thieving band of brothers. Many of its members had
come to piracy as a revolt against conditions in the
merchant fleet and in the cities and plantations in the
Old and New Worlds.

Inspired by notions of self-government, they
established a crude but distinctive form of
democracy in the Bahamas, carving out their own
zone of freedom in which indentured servants were
released and leaders chosen or deposed by a vote.
They were ultimately overcome by their arch-nemesis, Captain Woodes Rogers—a merchant
fleet owner and former privateer—and the brief though glorious moment of the Republic of
Pirates came to an end.

In this unique and fascinating book --a
New York Times Bestseller and the basis of the NBC
drama "Crossbones" -- Colin Woodard brings to life this virtually unexplored chapter in the
Golden Age of Piracy.
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The Republic of Pirates: Being the True and Surprising Story of the Caribbean Pirates and the Man who Brought
them Down
by Colin Woodard. The Official Homepage. (c) 2008 Colin Woodard.
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