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Speaking on the U.S. democratic crisis in Newport, Rhode Island, July 17

Rhode Islanders: I’ll be speaking about the work Nationhood Lab is doing to help prevent a collapse of our democracy and federation — and the need for a revitalized national… Read more »

Talking pirates with Julian Dorey

I recently popped down to very New Netherlandish Hoboken, New Jersey to record a podcast on pirates with Julian Dorsey for his eponymous show. We had a lively and enjoyable… Read more »

Lobster Coast’s updated 20th anniversary edition

To my amazement my second book, The Lobster Coast: Rebels, Rusticators and the Struggle for a Forgotten Frontier, turns 20 this summer. For this occasion Viking let me add a… Read more »

For TPM: on the geography of U.S. abortion opinion

This spring Nationhood Lab has been examining the reasons behind the widening chasm on abortion policy that’s opened up since the Dobbs decision, a phenomenon George Washington University law professor… Read more »

Speaking on the U.S. democratic crisis in Brunswick, Maine, June 5

For the home county crowd: I’ll be speaking on the crisis facing U.S. democracy, how we got here, why we’re vulnerable and what we can do about it, at the… Read more »

Can the Declaration of Independence’s Ideals Hold America Together?

At Washington Monthly, director Colin Woodard shared the results of Nationhood Lab’s first major poll on U.S. national identity, which showed Americans prefer to define their country by its commitment to… Read more »

Nationhood Lab poll: Most Americans define the U.S. by adherence to ideals rather than heritage, ancestry, or traditions

April 23, 2024 NEWPORT, R.I. – Americans prefer to define their country by its commitment to civic ideals rather than by shared ancestry, history, traditions or culture by wide margins,… Read more »

How best to understand America’s competing national myths?

As someone engaged in crafting a rebooted national narrative for the United States I was excited to see that Richard Slotkin had a book coming out on our country’s competing… Read more »

Voter turnout and health outcomes are interrelated and vary by region, according to latest research from Nationhood Lab collaboration

April 3, 2023 NEWPORT, RI  – Voter participation and health outcomes in the United States are interrelated, according to a new academic paper in the journal The Lancet Regional Health… Read more »

Discussing the threats to US democracy and national survival, Portland, Maine, April 3

My former employers at Maine’s Portland Press Herald are hosting me for their Newsroom Live series, a public, in-person lecture, discussion and Q&A, on my work to promote the United… Read more »