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The American Nations, health lifestyles, COVID-19 and life expectancy

NEWPORT, R.I. (July 9) – A series of newly published studies reveal significant differences between U.S. regions in various measures of health and healthy lifestyles, life expectancy, and COVID-19 infection, vaccination… Read more »

Voter turnout and health outcomes are interrelated and vary by region, according to latest research from Nationhood Lab collaboration

April 3, 2023 NEWPORT, RI  – Voter participation and health outcomes in the United States are interrelated, according to a new academic paper in the journal The Lancet Regional Health… Read more »

The geography of disability and the American Nations

Over at Nationhood Lab, the research project and data journalism portal I lead at Salve Regina University’s Pell Center, I write about research we recently published in the Journal of… Read more »

Obesity, diabetes, inactivity and the American Nations

July 27 2023 NEWPORT, R.I. – Newly published research reveals stark differences between U.S. regions in the prevalence of diabetes, obesity, and physical inactivity, as well as access to exercise… Read more »