Article Topic: Maine dispatches

How Gov. LePage spent his final year in office

Maine’s erstwhile governor, Paul LePage, often tried to keep his travels secret, even taxpayer-funded trips, like his stays at the Trump International Hotel in Washington or his trade mission to… Read more »

Six years after lawmakers reverse ban, alewives have banner run in St. Croix River

For seven years now, I’ve reported on the strange saga of the alewives of the St. Croix River, which forms the border between the US and Canada in eastern Maine… Read more »

Maine poised to finally respond to Gulf of Maine climate threats

With Gov. Paul LePage gone and Democrats in complete control of state government, Maine appears poised to finally confront climate change threats to the state, including the implement of key… Read more »

Maine: public records withheld by LePage may soon see light of day

Maine has a notoriously weak public records law, one lacking in meaningful enforcement provisions. The result: bad actors in state government are able to defy the intent of the law… Read more »

As digital tsunami struck, many Maine state records are believed swept away

In today’s Maine Sunday Telegram, I report on the apparent loss of a huge number of Maine state government emails and digital documents from the administrations of Govs. Angus King… Read more »

George HW Bush, 1924-2018, an obituary

President George HW Bush — who had lifelong ties to southern Maine — died late Friday night at age 94. My obituary for him, the first draft of which was… Read more »

Maine’s Ranked Choice Voting experiment likely to boost efforts elsewhere

This month, Maine became the first state in the nation to hold its federal elections via Ranked Choice Voting, an instant runoff system intended to remove the “spoiler problem” from… Read more »

Coalition of pro-offshore oil governors is run by oil lobbying firm

Earlier this year, Maine Governor Paul LePage made a stir when he — alone among Atlantic seaboard governors and in opposition to coastal New England’s entire Congressional delegation — supported… Read more »

The making of Terry Hayes, independent candidate for Maine governor

Here in Maine, there’s a four-way race to replace Governor Paul LePage, and I’ve been writing in-depth profiles of each of the contenders for the Maine Sunday Telegram — pieces that ask… Read more »

The Making of Alan Caron, independent candidate for Maine governor

There’s a four-way race to replace Maine Governor Paul LePage, and I’ve been writing in-depth profiles of each of the contenders for the Maine Sunday Telegram — pieces that ask… Read more »