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Talking American Nations and Union with the Tides of History podcast

I recently spent an enjoyable hour being interviewed by Patrick Wyman on his Wondery podcast “Tides of History.” We covered a lot of turf, from American Nations to the material… Read more »

Speaking (a lot) about most everything at Star Island’s Natural History Week, June 20-27

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be the annual speaker on Star Island, Isles of Shoals, for this year’s Natural History Week, held June 20 to 27. [Update, 5/4/2020: Star… Read more »

Sneak peek at my new book, UNION

I spent a fair part of 2019 working on my sixth book and, to close out the year, am pleased to be able to share its cover art, preliminary description,… Read more »

In Boston, talking about American nationhood and its problems with The American Question.

Spent yesterday in the belly of the beast, the old Massachusetts Bay Colony, doing an interview for this forthcoming documentary film project, The American Question. Filmmakers Guy Seemann and James… Read more »

United States nationhood and my forthcoming book

I recently completed my sixth book, which I expect will be on sale in the summer 2020. It’s on the struggle to create a story of United States nationhood, told… Read more »