Discussing the threats to US democracy and national survival, Portland, Maine, April 3

My former employers at Maine’s Portland Press Herald are hosting me for their Newsroom Live series, a public, in-person lecture, discussion and Q&A, on my work to promote the United States’s liberal democratic traditions and help prevent a U.S. collapse into authoritarianism and civil war. That’s the evening of April 3 at the storied Mechanic’s Hall on Congress Street in downtown Portland.  

I’ll be discussing the imminent authoritarian threat to the U.S. republic and federation, how we got here and what we can do about it. And I’ll be describing the work we’re doing at Nationhood Lab to create a rebooted story of national purpose, origins, and belonging tied to the ideals in the Declaration. My interlocutor for the questions and answers period is Katherine Lee, the Press Herald’s web editor.

Tickets are $10, with proceeds going entirely to support the speaker series and quality journalism here in Maine. The registration link for the event is here. I’ll be selling and signing books afterward as well.

For more on Nationhood Lab visit the project website. And for American Nations, American Character, and Union, you’re already on the right website.