Bill seeks to avoid conflicts that paralyzed Maine PUC; all three commissioners had ties to Nestle Waters before hearing their case; Portland Press Herald, FRONT PAGE; 31 December 2013, p. A1

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Conservative think tank: turn Maine’s poorest county into tax-free zone;  Maine Heritage Policy Center says taxes are a major hurdle to growth – but locals say that’s out of step with homegrown efforts; The Guardian (U.S.), WORLD, 5 
December 2013, EASTPORT, MAINE

Washington County residents have mixed reactions to plan to eliminate taxes; Maine’s poorest county has struggled for years, and some wonder whether the FreeME proposal from the Maine Heritage Policy Center is the answer to 
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DEP dam relicensing effort in disarray, records show; Maine nearly missed fourth dam deadline; Maine Sunday Telegram, FRONT PAGE; 13 October 2013, AUGUSTA, MAINE, p. A1

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Vaccine from Maine firm can’t be used to make bioweapon, expert says; The question of how the virus sent to Syria in 2001 can be used arose after a New York Times allegation; Portland Press Herald, FRONT PAGE; 20 September 2013, 

Did Maine firm seed a Syrian bioweapon?; The company shipped a vaccine in violation of a federal export ban, and several former executives were sentenced to prison, but Maine Biological Laboratories denies its action led to a chemical weapon; Portland Press Herald, FRONT PAGE;10 September 2013, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

Tablets invade Maine laptop program; Sixty percent of students will use iPads this year, a major evolution after the state let schools choose from a list of technology options; Portland Press Herald, FRONT PAGE; 4 September 2013, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

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More dam relicensing slips past Maine’s DEP; the agency misses deadlines and loses its say on five water-control projects, but says the impact will be ‘zero.’; Portland Press Herald, FRONT PAGE; 27 August 2013, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

A Word with the Boss: Numbers man is trying to make health costs add up; MaineHealth CEO Bill Caron hopes to keep the baby boomer ‘tsunami’ from breaking the bank; Portland Press Herald, BUSINESS; 15 August 2013, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. C1

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Boothbay region ‘full of fear’ as hospital closing looms; MaineHealth officials call it the best path forward, but a community with many older residents worries about having no ER nearby; Maine Sunday Telegram, FRONT PAGE, 28 July 2013, SOUTHPORT, MAINE, p. A1

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Alewives spawn optimism; Supporters expect noticeable benefits from the return of the species to the St. Croix River above Grand Falls Dam; Maine Sunday Telegram, STATE & LOCAL; 30 June 2013, BAILEYVILLE, MAINE, p. B1

A cross-border marathon has Down East looking up; Inaugural Bay of Fundy International Marathon has drawn a larger than expected field of 800 runners to Lubec and Campobello; Maine Sunday Telegram, NEWS; 23 June 2013, LUBEC, 
MAINE, p. A1

Maine leaders try and fail to dilute recycling’s success; ‘Product stewardship’ regulations – even those with industry and bipartisan support – meet staunch resistance from, among others, a commissioner with former ties to corporate 
interests; Portland Press Herald, SPECIAL REPORT: LOBBYIST IN THE HENHOUSE 18 June 2013, AUGUSTA, MAINE, p. A1

Efforts to reduce risks to kids run into a powerful foe;  Overseen by a former chemical industry lobbyist, Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection resists regulations on substances that may be harmful to children and fetuses; Portland Press Herald, SPECIAL REPORT: LOBBYIST IN THE HENHOUSE 17 June 2013, AUGUSTA, MAINE, p. A1

The lobbyist in the henhouse: Whose interests is Maine’s DEP commissioner serving? For two years, public servant Patricia Aho has overseen Maine’s environmental protection. But whom does she really serve? A seven-month 
investigation by the Telegram points to her former corporate clients. Part 1 of a 3-day series; Maine Sunday Telegram, SPECIAL REPORT: LOBBYIST IN THE HENHOUSE 16 June 2013, EUSTIS, MAINE, p. A1

Sources describe a department under duress; Scrutiny intensifies, transparency falters, and there’s new pressure, DEP insiders say, to tell ‘one side of the story: the client’s side.’; Maine Sunday Telegram, SPECIAL REPORT: LOBBYIST IN THE HENHOUSE 16 June 2013, AUGUSTA, MAINE, p. A4

They’re just not doing enforcement’; Whatever the cause, the stark decline in violations against commercial-scale developers and landowners under DEP Commissioner Patricia Aho likely pleases the real estate group that once hired her as a lobbyist; Maine Sunday Telegram, SPECIAL REPORT: LOBBYIST IN THE HENHOUSE 16 June 2013, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A6

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In Maine, push for virtual schools fades; After negative publicity, a task force’s preliminary report omits key digital learning reforms championed by Gov. LePage and Jeb Bush; Portland Press Herald, FRONT PAGE; 16 May 2013, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

LePage administration opposes paint recycling bill backed by industry, environmentalists; governor has opposed product stewardship in past; Portland Press Herald, FRONT PAGE; 2 May 2013, AUGUSTA, MAINE, p. A1

Maine laptop choice leaves schools relived, confused; governor’s choice leaves key questions about pricing unanswered; Portland Press Herald, FRONT PAGE; 30 April 2013, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

Laptop delay stalls Maine school plans; governor’s office weeks behind on deciding new contractor for 1:1 laptops in schools program; Portland Press Herald, FRONT PAGE; 25 April 2013, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

Flaws found at online education provider wooing Maine; K12 Inc dinged in Florida investigators’ draft report; Portland Press Herald, FRONT PAGE; 24 April 2013, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

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Maine alewives begin legislative run; bill to let fish back into St. Croix River unanimously endorsed by legislative committee; Portland Press Herald, FRONT PAGE; 1 April 2013, AUGUSTA, MAINE, p. A1

Alewives’ passage in St. Croix hinges on bills in Augusta; alewife opponents outgunned at Maine legislative hearing; Portland Press Herald, FRONT PAGE; 25 March 2013, AUGUSTA, MAINE, p. A1

LePage conference touts “school choice”, but not all are convinced; Maine governor’s education forum highlights Jeb Bush’s “Florida model”; Portland Press Herald, FRONT PAGE; 23 March 2013, AUGUSTA, MAINE, p. A1

Is Maine ready for climate change effects?; LePage administration killed development of statewide strategy; Maine Sunday Telegram, FRONT PAGE, 17 March 2013, AUGUSTA, MAINE, p. A1

Questioned for conflict, Jeb Bush linked firm ends lobbying; A Florida foundation tied to lobbyists has influenced Gov. Paul LePage’s education agenda; Portland Press Herald, STATE & LOCAL; 12 March 2013, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. B6

State official: laptop official’s handling of documents violated state policy; Maine’s public access advocate says Jeff Mao’s ‘credibility has suffered’ over failure to back up documents on state networks; Maine Sunday Telegram, FRONT PAGE, 10 March 2013, AUGUSTA, MAINE, p. A1

Jeb Bush’s “Florida model” to be showcased at LePage’s education conference; Maine governor to gives Florida commissioner, Foundation for Excellence in Education officials center stage; Portland Press Herald, FRONT PAGE; 8 March 2013, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

Proposed charter school linked to Turkish imam; the Gulen movement’s activities in Maine; Maine Sunday Telegram, FRONT PAGE, 17 February 2013, p. A1

Rival measures would restore alewives to the St. Croix River; Maine Sunday Telegram, STATE & LOCAL, 17 February 2013, p. B1

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Expansion of passenger rail in Maine faces slow track; Taking Amtrak beyond Brunswick hinges on crucial projects and powers of persuasion; Portland Press Herald, FRONT PAGE; 4 February 2013, BRUNSWICK, MAINE, p. A1

Democrats take aim at virtual charter schools; bills would impose temporary or permanent bans on the controversial institutions in Maine; Portland Press Herald, FRONT PAGE; 29 January 2013, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

New rules could hurt Maine’s drug takeback programs; proposed DEA, Maine DEP rules changes may undercut environmental, health care savings benefits; Maine Sunday Telegram, FRONT PAGE, 27 January 2013, p. A1

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Virtual charter school denials draw more firePortland Press Herald, FRONT PAGE; 11 January 2013, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

Augusta panel rejects 4 of 5 charter schoolsPortland Press Herald, FRONT PAGE; 9 January 2013, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1