The Power of Luther’s Pen; a review of “Brand Luther” by Andrew Pettegree; Washington Post; OUTLOOK, 18 December 2015.

In Down East hamlet, an effort to turn the tide for Atlantic salmon; The restoration effort at an East Machias hatchery aims to create optimal conditions for an endangered species to thrive; Maine Sunday Telegram; STATE & LOCAL;6 December 2015,EAST MACHIAS, MAINE, p. A1

Yes, Iowa Still Matters; It’s not just the first caucus. It’s the perfect thermometer for a deep current in American political culture; Politico Magazine; LETTER FROM IOWA; 2 December 2015; PRIMGHAR, IOWA

Oil lease approved near Gulf of Maine: Nova Scotia allows exploratory work near sensitive waters, including Georges Bank, igniting fears of a catastrophic spill; Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 1 December 2015, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

Power struggle puts tribe leadership in chaos: Accusations fly following the chief’s suspension and his attempt to suspend the vice chief; Maine Sunday Telegram; STATE & LOCAL; 22 November 2015, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. B2

Canada’s new government removes muzzles from government scientists; Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Cabinet reverses his predecessor’s controversial communications policies; Portland Press Herald; WORLD;10 November 2015, 

Study: Climate change in Gulf of Maine is responsible for cod’s failure to recover; A study by three research institutions concludes that warming-related stresses have hampered the species’ ability to recover; Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 30 October 2015, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

Maine isn’t doing enough to protect Gulf from effects of climate change; Some say the state needs more funding to collect data, monitor waterways and assess the impact of acidification; Portland Press Herald; MAYDAY;30 October 2015, AUGUSTA, MAINE, p. A1

Shellfish can’t keep up with shifting ocean chemistry; Some native species simply won’t survive the changes in water chemistry that are on the horizon, researchers say; Portland Press Herald; MAYDAY; 29 October 2015, WALPOLE, MAINE, p. A1

Invasive species exploit a warming Gulf, sometimes with destructive results; Bringing promise and problems, new species throw the evolving coastal waters into an unpredictable state of flux; Portland Press Herald; MAYDAY; 28 October 2015, BRUNSWICK, MAINE, p. A1

Gulf of Maine’s cold-craving marine species retreat to deeper waters; Cod, shrimp, salmon stocks have already been affected, while still-plentiful lobster have exhibited a dramatic geographic shift northward; Portland Press Herald; MAYDAY; 27 October 2015, VEAZIE, MAINE, p. A1

As Gulf of Maine warms, puffins recast as canaries in a coal mine; What happened to a Maine flock’s chicks in 2012 and ’13 bodes ill for many animals, from phytoplankton to right whales; Portland Press Herald; MAYDAY; 26 October 2015, EASTERN EGG ROCK, MAINE, p. A1

Canadian government hinders scientists from talking about climate change; Efforts to understand the challenges facing the Gulf of Maine are hampered by Ottawa’s tight grip of the contact between the media and government researchers; Maine Sunday Telegram; MAYDAY; 25 October 2015, ST. ANDREWS, NEW BRUNSWICK, p. A6

Big changes are occurring in one of the fastest-warming spots on Earth; The Gulf of Maine’s species – and the people who rely on them – are caught in the cross-hairs of a changing climate; Maine Sunday Telegram; MAYDAY; 25 October 2015, YARMOUTH BAR, NOVA SCOTIA, p. A1

The shifting tide of American immigration; a review of “A Nation of Nations: A great American immigration story” by Tom Gjelten; Washington Post; OUTLOOK, 11 October 2015, p. B7.

Unwanted prescription drugs – but not data – to be collected Saturday; New federal regulations prevent researchers from counting the medicines, to cut the risk of diversion; Portland Press Herald; LOCAL & STATE; 26 September 2015, p. B2, 

Fed up with EPA, LePage retaliates with threat; Citing ‘overreach’ in regulating tribal waters, he contemplates an unprecedented step: yielding the state’s Clean Water Act powers; Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 11 September 2015, p. A1, PORTLAND, MAINE

Army Corps withdraws Penobscot Bay dredging application; Project would enhance Searsport, but plan to dispose of contaminated spoils drew local ire; Portland Press Herald; LOCAL & STATE; 9 September 2015, p. B4, FREEPORT, MAINE

Searsport dredging proposal faces stiff headwind; Fears of mercury contamination are fueling opposition to an Army Corps plan for the head of Penobscot Bay; Maine Sunday Telegram; MAINE/NEW ENGLAND; 6 September 2015; p. C1; SEARSPORT, MAINE

DeCoster retains ownership of Maine farms but won’t be involved in their management; Hillandale Farms, the new leaseholder, plans to assume the payroll of the farms in late September; Portland Press Herald; LOCAL & STATE; 25 August 2015, p. B1, PORTLAND, MAINE

Facing blowback, LePage administration quietly dissolved ties with Jeb Bush’s education foundation;  investigation shows how links to Jeb Bush’s education reform foundation – once central to Gov. LePage’s policy goals – evaporated after key events in 2013; Maine Sunday Telegram; FRONT PAGE; 16 August 2015; p. A1; PORTLAND, MAINE

Pennsylvania-based company linked to rule-breaker Jack DeCoster buys 3 Maine egg farms; Hillandale Farms owned the Iowa operation tied to a nationwide salmonella outbreak in 2010, and the notorious businessman was one of its 
suppliers; Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 14 August 2015, p. A1, PORTLAND, MAINE

Can New Brunswick and Nova Scotia teach Maine a lesson about consolidation?; Merging towns to save money by joining services is touted for Maine, but its success in Canada varies; Maine Sunday Telegram; MAINE/NEW ENGLAND; 9 August 2015; p. B1; GRANVILLE FERRY, NOVA SCOTIA

Prosecutors drop case against Passamaquoddy elder arrested while trying to recall tribal leaders; Mary Creighton was charged with forging signatures on a petition calling for the recall of Vice Chief Vera Francis; Portland Press Herald; LOCAL & STATE; 6 August 2015, p. B1, PORTLAND, MAINE

Maine clammer says he’s hit pay dirt; An experimental soft-shell clam farm in Georgetown aims to keep green crabs at bay and enrich diggers; Maine Sunday Telegram; MAINE/NEW ENGLAND; 2 August 2015; p. B1; GEORGETOWN, MAINE

Elder challenges tribal leaders, is led off in handcuffs; In rough and tough Passamaquoddy politics, an elder with a recall petition can be recalled; Maine Sunday Telegram; MAINE/NEW ENGLAND; 26 July 2015; p. B1; PERRY, MAINE

America’s craziest governor goes off the rails; Is Paul LePage overplaying his hand, or no longer playing with a full deck?; Politico Magazine; LETTER FROM MAINE; 19 July 2015; AUGUSTA, MAINE

Bush family compound in Kennebunkport is campaign gold; Rich in history, money and and power, Walker’s Point is a touchstone of the Bush political dynasty; Maine Sunday Telegram, FRONT PAGE, 12 July 2015, p.A1, KENNEBUNKPORT, MAINE

Our Disunited States; We won’t be celebrating the same thing this July 4th; Politico Magazine; FRIDAY COVER; 2 July 2015

With opening of St. Croix River, alewives’ numbers ‘biggest in nearly 20 years; The number of fish that have entered the river to spawn has more than tripled from last year; Portland Press Herald; LOCAL & STATE; 24 June 2015, p. B1, CHAMCOOK, NEW BRUNSWICK

A once promising democracy; a review of “Madame Ambassador: Three Years of Diplomacy, Dinner Parties, and Democracy in Budapest” by Eleni Kounalakis; Washington Post; OUTLOOK, 21 June 2015, p. B7, BUDAPEST, HUNGARY

Potential cost kills referendum on redacted parts of Maine Constitution; The ballot question would have proposed overturning a 140-year-old amendment that prohibits the printing of the state’s treaty obligations to Indian tribes; Portland Press Herald; LOCAL & STATE; 19 June 2015, p. B1, PORTLAND, MAINE

Europe’s New Dictator, Hungary’s Viktor Orban is making good on his promise to build an “illiberal state”; Politico Magazine; LETTER FROM BUDAPEST, 17 June 2015, BUDAPEST, HUNGARY

Legislation would put hidden sections of Maine’s constitution back into print; Publication of the redacted passages, many involving the state’s treaty obligations to its Indian tribes, has been banned for 139 yearsPortland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 1 June 2015, p. A1, INDIAN ISLAND, MAINE

Tribes will no longer recognize Maine’s authority to define their rights; Three tribes have asked the federal government to intervene in a dispute over the Maine Indian Claims Settlement Act; Portland Press Herald; LOCAL & STATE; 27 May 2015, p. B3, INDIAN ISLAND, MAINE

Report gives Maine counties mixed grades on smog; Report poses new concerns about LePage administration loosening smog rules last year; Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 29 April 2015, p. A1, PORTLAND, MAINE

LePage rescinds order promoting state cooperation with tribes; The governor says ‘Maine’s interests have not been respected’ by tribes; Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 22 April 2015, p. A1, PORTLAND, MAINE

Notorious egg seller ‘Jack’ DeCoster gets jail time for salmonella outbreak; An Iowa court sentences the Maine man and his son to 3 months, capping a long history of hazards and abuses on farms; Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 14 April 2015, p. A1, PORTLAND, MAINE

Maine to sue EPA over tribal water pollution issue; The state contests the agency’s authority to order stricter pollution limits to ensure sustenance fishing is safe; Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 21 March 2015, p. A1, PORTLAND, MAINE

In memoir, Barney Frank assesses his long tenure and the changing world around him; a review of “Frank: A life in politics from the Great Society to Same-Sex Marriage” by Barney Frank; Washington Post; OUTLOOK, 15 March 2015.

Maine tribe takes hit under governor’s plan to reform General Assistance; The Passamaquoddy would lose more state aid per capita than Portland, amid questions about high spending and alleged misuse of funds; Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 13 March 2015, p. A1, PORTLAND, MAINE

LePage calls EPA tribal waters ruling ‘outrageous’; The agency says the state’s pollution standards have to protect Indians who fish for food, but the governor says the motive for the order is ‘retribution.’ Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 2 March 2015, p. A1, PORTLAND, MAINE

Maine tribes seek authority to try domestic violence cases; They say abused women would be better protected from attacks by non-Indians on their reservations, but the state calls it a flawed idea; Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 23 February 2015, p. A1, PORTLAND, MAINE

Weighing in on the cost of home rule in Maine; The state’s system of strong municipal governments is rooted in the early Puritans’ fear of centralization of power; Maine Sunday Telegram, INSIGHT, 8 February 2015, p.E1, FREEPORT, 

Feds order Maine to tighten water standards on tribal lands; Tribes call EPA ruling historic intervention against state; Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 6 February 2015, p. A1; PORTLAND, MAINE

LePage administration weakens, endorses draft disclosure rule of phthalates; The regulation now would apply only to products targeted to kids under 12 and not to pregnant women, sparking an outcry from advocates of chemical safeguards; Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 16 January 2015, p. A1.

LePage administration to rule on regulating four suspected toxins; Maine DEP is under the spotlight in its decision on phthalates, after past resistance to the law to protect kids from chemicals; Portland Press Herald; STATE & LOCAL; 10 January 2015, p. B1