Huge number of Maine public records have likely been destroyed; Emails and documents from the King and Baldacci administrations are likely gone forever or nearly impossible to access; Maine Sunday Telegram; FRONT PAGE; 30 December 2018; AUGUSTA, MAINE, p. A1

Maine native wanted by Putin feels liberated; Kyle Parker was one of the key players behind the Magnitsky Act, a set of sanctions against Russians accused of gross human rights violations; Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 24 December 2018, NORTHPORT, MAINE, p. A1

Falmouth native dives into climate fight; Years of training have driven Noah Oppenheim’s focus toward the sea. Now he’s assisting West Coast crab fishermen in an innovative lawsuit;  Maine Sunday Telegram; FRONT PAGE; 16 December 
2018; PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

Gulf of Maine’s 3rd-warmest year on record harms puffins, turtles and kelp; The effects on species that thrive in cold waters provide glimpses of the damage that rising ocean temperatures can do, but the federal and state response remains weak; Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 6 December 2018, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

George H.W. Bush, president with deep Maine connections, dies at 94; The 41st president will be remembered as a conservative moderate who embarked on his time in office with a sense of steady stewardship; Maine Sunday Telegram; FRONT PAGE; 2 December 2018; KENNEBUNKPORT, MAINE, p. A1

More Than a Pirate, a Rebel With a Democratic Spirit; Decades before the American Revolution, Blackbeard and his pirates revolted against unjust conditions imposed by shipowners and captains; New York Times, OPINION, 23 November 2018, BATH, NORTH CAROLINA, p. A27

With boots firmly planted in Japan, L.L. Bean kicks up growth; Here’s the inside story of the Freeport company’s improbable and sustained success in one of the world’s toughest retail markets for outsiders; Maine Sunday Telegram; FRONT PAGE; 18 November 2018; TOKYO, JAPAN, p. A1

Maine’s pioneering ranked-choice election likely to catch on nationally; Voting experts say the fact that it went smoothly bodes well for broader adoption;  Maine Sunday Telegram; FRONT PAGE; 18 November 2018; PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

The Midterms Highlighted America’s Dangerous Regional Divides; The United States looks more and more like a set of different nations divided by geography; Washington Monthly; POLITICAL ANIMAL; 14 November 2014; FREEPORT, MAINE

Pro-offshore oil group chaired by LePage is run by energy lobbyists; The energy industry staffs a governors’ coalition that Maine’s governor rescued from dissolution; Maine Sunday Telegram; FRONT PAGE; 28 October 2018; PORTLAND, 
MAINE, p. A1

Terry Hayes: Count me out of ‘us versus them’ politics; Separated from her siblings as a child, she grew familiar with division. So when her political party embraced tribalism, the governor candidate chose a new course; Maine Sunday Telegram; FRONT PAGE; 30 September 2018; AUGUSTA, MAINE, p. A1

Alan Caron: Longtime builder of coalitions first had to rebuild himself; ‘I lifted myself out of a series of accidents,’ says the independent whose grit shaped him into a community organizer and revered political mind; Maine Sunday Telegram; FRONT PAGE; 23 September 2018; FREEPORT, MAINE, p. A1

Janet Mills’ mission: Break yet another glass ceiling; Informed by an influential family and an esteemed role model, a longtime Maine Democratic leader has come prepared with decades of public service as she seeks the governor’s job; Maine Sunday Telegram; FRONT PAGE; 16 September 2018; FARMINGTON, MAINE, p. A1

Shawn Moody: Self-made millionaire runs on authenticity; The Republican who hopes to follow in the current governor’s footsteps banks on his proven entrepreneurial ability and a life story built on success; Maine Sunday Telegram; FRONT PAGE; 9 September 2018 GORHAM, MAINE, p. A1

The Maps That Show That City vs. Country Is Not Our Political Fault Line; The key difference is among regional cultures tracing back to the nation’s colonization; New York Times, OPINION, 30 July 2018, FREEPORT, MAINE

A Maine man appears on Putin’s list of Americans he’d like Trump to let Russia interrogate; Kyle Parker, who grew up in Old Town, was central to the drafting of the Magnitsky Act, which sanctions Russian human rights abusers; Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 21 July 2018, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

Collins says justice’s respect for precedent will protect Roe v. Wade. Experts disagree; Maine’s Republican senator pins her support of a Supreme Court nominee on ‘settled law,’ but her reasoning withers under scrutiny. Maine Sunday Telegram; FRONT PAGE; 8 July 2018 ,PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

Collins to judge Trump’s Supreme Court pick without ‘litmus tests’ such as Roe v. Wade support; Her spokeswoman says Maine’s Republican senator believes the landmark abortion ruling is settled law, and she won’t use the issue to disqualify a candidate to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy;  Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 29 June 2018, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

Pingree describes ‘heartbreaking’ scenes, families in cages at Texas border facilities; The Maine representative and 24 Democratic colleagues inspect facilities where separated parents and children are being held; Maine Sunday Telegram

Rep. Poliquin co-sponsors bill directing administration to reunify children with families; The Republican representing Maine’s 2nd District signs onto the Family Reunification Act, which would require Homeland Security to use ‘all necessary means’ to reunite families ‘at the earliest possible date.’; Portland Press Herald; NATION; 23 June 2018, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A6

Rep. Pingree to visit Texas facilities where children separated from parents are detained; The Maine congresswoman will join a group of more than 20 Democratic colleagues at the U.S.-Mexico border Saturday; Portland Press Herald; NATION; 21 June 2018, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A12

Bar Harbor residents approve purchase of vacant ferry terminal; Many feared that a cruise ship pier would be built if the town didn’t buy the property instead; Portland Press Herald; BUSINESS; 14 June 2018, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. C1

Lone Portland passenger study made assumptions, overestimated economic impact; The 2009 analysis based its conclusions on every ship arriving at full occupancy, used general scenarios for excursion spending and didn’t ask about 
party size; Portland Press Herald; PIER PRESSURE; 11 June 2018, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A6

Long-touted economic benefits of cruise ships far overstated; A close look at a 2009 study shows passenger spending in Portland was overestimated by at least half, providing a flawed basis for decisions by Maine ports on accommodating the rising number of visits; Portland Press Herald; PIER PRESSURE; 11 June 2018, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

‘No discharge zone’ fight comes to Acadia region; In New England, only Maine allows ships to release treated sewage in most coastal waters, and cruise lines have fought local bans; Maine Sunday Telegram; PIER PRESSURE; 10 June 2018 

Some in Maine fear cruise-ship tourism has gone overboard; Bar Harbor, where passenger traffic has risen 257% since 2003, epitomizes the quandary facing coastal communities: How to weigh economic benefits against a fragile quality of 
life; Maine Sunday Telegram; PIER PRESSURE; 10 June 2018 BAR HARBOR, MAINE, p. A1

Bill to fix problems at Acadia, allow clamming, advances in Senate; A US Senate panel endorses the legislation, which awaits approval by the full Senate;Portland Press Herald; LOCAL & STATE; 18 May 2018, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. B3

Where Do You Draw the Line?; Secessionist movements are on the rise in the U.S., but ignoring regional histories is a disaster waiting to happen; Medium; BALKANIZED AMERICA, 18 May 2018; FREEPORT, MAINE

Sens. King, Collins push for more research on ocean warming in Gulf of Maine; A letter to the head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration comes after a Portland Press Herald report on record-warm water flowing into the gulf’s main entrance; Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 1 May 2018, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

Deep current of record-breaking warm water causes concerns for the Gulf of Maine; In the once-chilly currents that feed the highly productive gulf, Canadian researchers have measured record-high temperatures that could endanger the ecosystem; Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 24 April 2018, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

Barbara Bush dies at 92: Longtime Maine resident was a literacy icon, wife and mother of presidents; The former first lady, who died Tuesday, was one of the most popular and respected in history, a fierce defender of her husband and family, a tireless advocate for adult literacy and a lifelong lover of Maine’s rocky coast; Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 18 April 2018, KENNEBUNKPORT, MAINE, p. A1

How ranked-choice voting effort became a partisan flash point; Meant to reduce polarization, Maine’s ballot-box initiative has created a chasm, though some say both parties could prosper; Maine Sunday Telegram; FRONT PAGE; 8 April 2018 ,PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

Maine TV stations among outlets airing ‘fake stories’ segment scripted by corporate owner; Following orders from Sinclair Broadcasting, WGME’s anchors read the ‘must run’ promo, which also airs on WPFO, warning viewers about ‘one-sided news stories plaguing our country.’; Portland Press Herald; BUSINESS; 3 April 2018, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. C1

Maine’s radical democratic experiment; An unpopular governor and a voter uprising are leading to historic political reforms that could reverberate across the country; Politico Magazine; LETTER FROM MAINE; 27 March 2018; AUGUSTA, MAINE

U.S. House passes bill to fix territorial, jurisdictional problems around Acadia; The measure supported by Maine’s four-member Congressional delegation resolves rules about where the national park can expand and allows harvesters to work tidal flats next to park land; Portland Press Herald; LOCAL & STATE; 13 March 2018, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. B2

Dispute over traffic project escalates as Wiscasset reports new threat from the state; Maine’s Department of Transportation says it won’t create off-street parking to make up for spots lost on Main Street if it has to follow local ordinances, the town says in a court filing; Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 9 March 2018, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

Proposed tariffs on Canadian steel could backfire on Maine; Steel and aluminum tariffs pinch manufacturers, but the biggest potential threat is in the way Canadians retaliate; Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 7 March 2018, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

In Maine, a push in Legislature could lead to a rewrite of the U.S. Constitution; Two resolutions mirroring a secretive group’s model ask the state to join 28 others in calling for a convention – the first since 1787 – that could remake how the government works; Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 1 March 2018, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

U.S. too passive, vulnerable to elections cyberthreat, Sen. King says; We should announce how we’ll retaliate now as a way to deter attacks, he says, while also discussing President Trump, immigration, improved prospects for gun control and more; Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 26 February 2018, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

Maine’s Matt Dunlap gets classified briefing on election vulnerabilities; The state’s elections face little risk, the Maine secretary of state says, because they rely on a low-tech system that has no connection to the internet; Portland Press Herald; LOCAL & STATE; 21 February 2018, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. B1

LePage scuttled state’s settlement with Wiscasset in traffic dispute, attorney says; The governor rejected a compromise in the controversial Route 1 project that would allow some on-street parking, a key concern of local businesses;  Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 15 February 2018, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

Trump budget would kill funds for many programs in Maine; From public broadcasting and home heating aid to conservation and legal services for the poor, the president’s spending plan would have a broad impact if approved by Congress; Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 13 February 2018, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1  

The American Nations, Trumpism and the 2016 Elections; Donald Trump offered something novel on the campaign trail, and it paid big dividends within two regional cultures and the Electoral College map; Medium; BALKANIZED AMERICA, 1 February 2018; FREEPORT, MAINE

Property owner offers to pay Wiscasset’s legal expenses in fight over state traffic plan; Ralph H. Doering III hopes to keep town officials from compromising with MDOT to avoid high court costs in a lawsuit over controversial changes to the village center; Portland Press Herald; LOCAL & STATE; 1 February 2018, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. B3

Pingree backs bill to ban states from blocking municipal high-speed internet projects; The federal legislation would overturn laws in 17 states and prevent a reintroduction of such a measure in Maine; Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 29 January 2018, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

Critics decry LePage’s choice of Nestle Waters manager for environmental board; If confirmed, Mark Dubois, the company’s public face in Maine, will serve on the panel that rewrites DEP rules, judges permit applications and acts as an appeals court; Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 24 January 2018, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

Speeding ships, missing calves increase anxiety over right whales; U.S. and Canadian officials are scrambling to protect the endangered whales after at least 17 died last year in New England and the Maritimes; Maine Sunday Telegram
FRONT PAGE; 21 January 2018 ,PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

What it means for Maine if federal government shuts down; Acadia National Park would close and heating assistance for the poor could be affected, but with few federal employees and facilities, most Mainers may not notice a short shutdown; Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 18 January 2018, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

LePage’s support for offshore drilling may undermine effort to exempt areas off Maine; Governor is at odds with state’s congressional delegation, which is backing a bill to stop the Trump administration’s plan; Maine Sunday Telegram; FRONT PAGE; 14 January 2018 ,PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

Trump administration says it will destroy voter data collected by commission; The move by the White House is the latest round in a legal fight over the bid by Maine’s secretary of state to gain access to working documents of the defunct voter fraud commission; Portland Press Herald; FRONT PAGE; 12 January 2018, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1

Maine secretary of state asks court to secure documents of Trump’s now-defunct voter fraud commission; Matthew Dunlap’s move is the latest in a battle over the transparency of the presidential panel; Portland Press Herald; LOCAL & STATE; 10 January 2018, PORTLAND, MAINE, p. B1

Trump refuses to release documents to Maine secretary of state despite judge’s order; Matthew Dunlap accuses the Justice Department of ‘contempt for the rule of law’ in its response regarding a judge’s order on voter fraud commission papers; Maine Sunday Telegram; FRONT PAGE; 7 January 2018 ,PORTLAND, MAINE, p. A1