Maine will partially comply with Trump election fraud commission demand

In yesterday’s Portland Press Herald, I wrote on how Maine’s secretary of state has reacted to the call by President Trump’s election fraud commission to turn over a vast array of voter registration data, from social security numbers to party affiliation.

All fifty states were asked — this appears an effort to create a federal voter database for the first time — but Maine’s case is particularly interesting because Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap is (a) a Democrat and (b) a member of Trump’s commission.

I spoke to Dunlap Friday morning to get his perspective and to explain why he’s providing a certain subset of voter roll information to his commission colleagues (while other states — including California, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Virginia — have told them to pound sand.)

Story herein.

I also wrote last week about Dunlap and the commission, on the occasion of his calling for it to also probe Russian infiltration of state electoral systems.

[Update: 6/5/17: Dunlap, on consideration and consultation with the state’s Attorney General, has reversed himself and will not supply the data.]