Meet Christiane Northrup, Maine’s Doctor of Disinformation


Maine’s very own celebrity doctor, Christiane Northrup of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Selves fame, has called about by US Senators and banned from Instagram for being one of the “disinformation dozen,” a group of anti-vaccine propagandists said to be responsible for nearly two thirds of such content on social media. But, as I described in the Maine Sunday Telegram last week, Northrup’s message is much farther “out there” then you’ll probably expect.

She’s been telling her followers — and in-person Q-adjacent conference attendees — to stay away from vaccinated people because they’re allegedly contagious with malignant vaccine particles that have turned them — and maybe you — into remote-controllable slaves via the micro robots (and two-way 5G antennas) injected into them with the vaccine… all as part of a global plot by an elite to somehow advantage Bill and Melinda Gates (together and separately, one assumes) via the medium of cryptocurrency. And that’s just the start of it.

Meanwhile, Maine has been undergoing an ICU surge from unvaccinated people — many of them under 50 — who are coming down with very acute forms of COVID-19, a topic I wrote about later in the week in the Portland Press Herald.