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Speaking on the American condition, past at present, at the Embassy of France in Washington, D.C. (Private)

I’ll be joining France’s Ambassador to the U.S., Phillipe Etienne, to speak about the backstory to the present American condition and other relevant political and historical phenomena at the Embassy… Read more »

Launching Nationhood Lab at the Pell Center

I’m pleased to announce that I‘ve launched a think tank project built on the intellectual foundations of the American Nations trilogy and aiming to help save the U.S. republic and… Read more »

19 House Republicans voted against McCarthy six times. Guess which American Nations they’re from.

The 118th Congress has gotten off to a dysfunctional start, with Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California) — a Trump sycophant who has soft-pedaled the 1/6 coup attempt — failing… Read more »

Discussing the U.S. midterm results at EEAS, Brussels, Belgium, Nov. 16 (private)

While in Brussels next week, I’ll be discussing the political and diplomatic implications of the U.S midterm elections at the European External Action Service, the diplomatic and security arm of… Read more »

Speaking on implications of U.S. midterms in Brussels, Nov. 16

The U.S. midterm elections — with their consequences for the survival of democracy and continued American commitment to Ukraine — are being closely followed by our European allies. The German Marshall… Read more »

Speaking on the crisis in U.S. democracy, Freeport, Maine, Oct. 20

I’m speaking on the crisis in U.S. democracy, how we got here, why we’re so vulnerable, and what we can do to save the situation in Freeport, Maine on October… Read more »

A U.S. breakup would be a disaster, but if it happens expect an independent New England

Back when American Nations came out in 2011, a lot of august experts dismissed the warning in the epilogue that if we were unable to form better compromises between the… Read more »

Speaking on saving our democracy, Freeport, Maine, Oct. 20

I am pleased to be joining the fall line up of speakers at Freeport Speech, the speaker series held at the Meeting House Arts in downtown Freeport, Maine. I’ll be… Read more »

Speaking on the American Nations trilogy, Washington, D.C. Dec. 7 (private)

Making my annual speech to the American Studies international fellows at National Defense University in Washington, D.C.. Private event closed to public.

Speaking on American Nations, Fort Worth, Texas, Mar. 16 (private)

I’ll be speaking on American Nations and American Character at a private event for the Fort Worth Lecture Foundation in Fort Worth, Texas in March 2023.