Talking American Character, Lobster Coast on CSPAN

The indefatigable team at CSPAN’s City Tour came to Portland, Maine this summer and the segments they produced are airing this weekend, spotlighting our little city.

I was pleased to record two separate interviews with them, one on Lobster Coast and the historical and cultural background to Maine’s lobster fishery, the other on American Character: A History of the Epic Struggle Between Individual Liberty and the Common Good (from Portland Head Light.)
Here’s the broadcast schedule for those. I’ll post links to each segment as they come available.

Lobster Coast on “Book-TV in Portland, Maine”, CSPAN-2, Saturday, October 21 during the 1203 pm Eastern broadcast.

American Character on “Book-TV,” CSPAN-3, Sunday, October 22 at 0632 am Eastern

Lobster Coast on “American History,” CSPAN-3, Sunday, October 22 during the 2pm Eastern broadcast on Portland, Maine. (For night owls, it repeats Monday, October 23 at 0400 Eastern.)

[Update, 11/10/17: Both segments air tonight on CSPAN-1 in a special Portland, Maine program starting at 7:06pm.]

If you’re interested in American Nations, my full talk at Iowa State was carried on CSPAN-1 a couple of years back and is available here.