Talking American Nations, 10 years later, with The Daily Beast

American Nations just turned ten years old and, given all that’s happened to the United States since 2011, Kevin Lee recently gave me a call to talk about it for The Daily Beast. My takeaway: the possibility of a descent into authoritarian rule and a breakup of the federation is unfortunately very real and small “d” democrats and small “r” republicans need to rally to the defense of or democratic republic. The story is here. (There’s apparently a hard paywall for laptop users, but not for iPhone and, presumably, other phones.)

And, yes, there’s a tenth anniversary edition of American Nations en route this fall, with a new Afterword updating the book. When exactly it will arrive in a given store is more art than science, as its being launched as a new printing, so starts shipping when the last printing empties from the warehouses, but my best guess is it should be the dominant strain in stores by the second half of November. 

[Update, 10/14/21:] If you hit a hard paywall at the Beast, the article is now up at Yahoo Finance as well.